Dance in a Day Workshops for July 24th 2022

Just a quick update for those attending and considering ‘DANCE in a DAY’ Workshops on 24th April, 2022 with ‘Intro to Rock’n’Roll & Rock’n’Roll Re-booted’, classes at the Seaview Club.

We are running two fun, friendly classes that will give you the basics to be able to go out and hit the dance floor! First class consists of a 2.5 hour lesson with basic footwork, hand holds, leads and follows and dance moves which culminate into a “mini dance routine”. Ideal for those who want to learn a new dance style or refresh their ‘basics’ but don’t have time to attend weekly lessons.

Rock’n’Roll Re-Booted! You can be sure this is NOT LIKE any other class you have attended! It’s just like rebooting your computer, cleaning out broken & trashed files, allowing you to start ‘clean and efficient’! Based on our ‘Advanced Fundamentals’ class. Refreshing the ‘Core’ of the dance and give you an understanding of the ‘Why’. This will positively improve your dancing and more so your enjoyment of Dance!
Be sure to bring some ‘note taking method’ as this is information packed! This is a ‘one off’ class and may not be repeated!

Intro to Rock ‘n’ Roll – $30 (2.5 hours) 10:00am to 12:30pm
Rock’n’Roll Rebooted – $30 (2.5 hours) 1:00pm to 3:30pm
Both Classes – $50 (5 hours) 10:00am to 3:30pm with 30 minute lunch break.

Where: Seaview Club – 335 Bluestone Bridge Rd, LOVELY BANKS (Geelong)

Tickets: Link to Trybooking.

Note: You are welcome to video yourselves at the end of the class/s.

PARTNERS – You don’t need a partner – just a willingness to learn either the lead or follow.

WHAT TO WEAR/BRING – Comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely. Spare shirts and towels may be required for the comfort of others. Shoes should ideally be enclosed leather or suede soles which allow you to spin easily. BYO Water Bottle preferred. Tea and coffee will be provided. Lunch is BYO or there is take-away close by that will deliver.

This is a COVID safe event so numbers will be STRICTLY limited to allow sufficient spacing on the floor.
For your safety and the safety of others, you may be required to sign in using the Services Victoria app.

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